Individual Counselling

I provide a wide spectrum of counselling and therapeutic support for individuals including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), EMDR, CRM/Brain-spotting, Mindfulness practice and general life-coaching. Brief Solution Focused Therapy is available for people seeking short-term support for different life events, interpersonal, educational or work related challenges. The duration for Brief Solution Focused work is typically from 1 to 12 sessions, including follow up. Clients will often return for Brief Solution Focused work, related to different life events and personal goals. Trauma Informed therapy is available longer-term, for people seeking to resolve pain that has been with them for some time. Thoughts and behaviours can influence our bodies including our brain. Psychological pain such as toxic stress or fear, can show up as physical symptoms in our bodies. I work with the understanding that our neurobiological wiring is re-programmable, and I help people heal and move away from emotional, psychological and even physical pain. Although all of my work with clients is Trauma Informed, more supportive protocols such as EMDR can typically take from 10 sessions to many-years long, supported exploration of self-relating.