Views of the Child Reports

Views of the Child Reports are available for families seeking a brief, child-focused report detailing a child’s wishes, preferences and experiences with regards to matters related to Custody and Access with their Parents or Care Providers. This can include information gathering concerning experiences and preferences in key areas of the child’s life including school placement, holiday schedule, weekly routines, attendance at sporting activities, health care and others or as indicated by an order in court. Referrals are usually accommodated within 2 weeks.

Views of the Child Reports are not the same as Custody or Access Assessments. Views of the Child Reports are meant to provide focused, non-evaluative information about a child’s stated experiences and preferences. The process involves one intake session with each parent or care provider, and 2-3 interviews with each child. These reports are usually available within 30 days.

Fees are $1400.00 when one child is involved. Hourly rates apply for additional involvement or interviews with additional children.

Please contact me for more information.